Super Intelligent DeFi App

The NFT intelligence

Neo is developed with the highest NFT and AI technology to brighten up your routine life

The core



Unleash the power of artificial intelligence within your DeFi app. Our AI module employs cutting-edge algorithms to analyze market trends, predict asset movements, and optimize investment strategies. Experience intelligent automation that adapts to changing market conditions, providing users with valuable insights and maximizing their financial opportunities.


Transform your financial experience with decentralized finance (DeFi). Empower users to take control of their assets, trade without intermediaries, and participate in a transparent and open financial ecosystem. With DeFi at the core, our platform facilitates seamless lending, borrowing, and yield farming, giving users the freedom to explore a new era of decentralized financial services.


Immerse yourself in the world of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and redefine ownership. Our NFT integration allows users to tokenize unique assets, whether it's digital art, collectibles, or virtual real estate. Experience a secure and decentralized NFT marketplace, where users can create, trade, and showcase their digital assets with unparalleled authenticity.


Level up your financial journey with GameFi, where gaming meets decentralized finance. Engage in a unique ecosystem that combines the thrill of gaming with the opportunities of DeFi. Earn rewards, participate in play-to-earn models, and stake in-game assets to unlock new financial possibilities.




Ensuring the safety and security of your assets is our top priority. Our Super Intelligent DeFi App is designed with state-of-the-art security measures to provide users with a worry-free financial experience.


Super Intelligent DeFi app is our contribution to your improved wellbeing. Your peace of mind is paramount to us. Our platform has undergone a comprehensive audit conducted by TechRate, a leading blockchain security audit firm. This ensures that every aspect of our codebase and smart contracts has been thoroughly reviewed for vulnerabilities and adherence to best security practices.



Elevate your financial experience with our NEO Card Service. Seamlessly integrated into our Super Intelligent DeFi App, the NEO Card Service offers a gateway to a new era of decentralized finance. Unlock the potential of NEO blockchain, combining speed, scalability, and smart contract functionality.

  • NEO Blockchain Integration
  • Smart Contract Capabilities
  • Scalability and Performance
  • User-Friendly Interface



Why $Neo?

An ecosystem built on NFT technology, $Neo includes a cryptocurrency, P2P exchange, decentralized exchange ( DeFi ), NFH, GameFi VR + AR and a cryptocurrency wallet in addition to other decentralized infrastructures such as a peer-to-peer exchange system. Choosing $NEO as the foundation for our Super Intelligent DeFi App brings a multitude of advantages that enhance your overall financial experience. $NEO, often referred to as the "Ethereum of China," is a powerful blockchain platform that goes beyond just being a cryptocurrency. Here's why we've chosen $NEO as the backbone of our platform:

Smart Contracts makes the system highly safe

Earnings from passive sources



Discover Collect & Sell Extraordinary NFTs

It is a one-click to start the quantitative trading system, realize automatic intelligent trading, real-time monitoring and tracking of big data algorithms, adjust real-time market conditions, the best quantitative strategy to stop profit, and maximize user rofits, with technical strategy such as built-in tracking for opening positions + tracking stop profit + tail order stop profit + grid Take profit. Continuous income is guaranteed by 7*24 hours real-time monitoring.



A Revolutionary Movement in the Field of Gaming

NEO sparks a gaming revolution, transforming the landscape of digital entertainment. With its high throughput and smart contract capabilities, NEO enables GameFi, a groundbreaking fusion of gaming and decentralized finance. Experience a new era where players not only enjoy immersive gaming experiences but also unlock financial opportunities through $NEO's innovative blockchain technology. Join us in reshaping the future of gaming and finance, powered by the revolutionary movement that is NEO.


Tax free Distribution


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Uquidity Pool









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  • NFT Marketplace Development
  • App Platform Design & Prototyping
  • Super Intelligent DeFi app is our contribution to your improved wellbeing.
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  • Ethereum Bridge
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  • We are determined to offer end-to-end customer service.
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Ninja Krypto

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Ninja Krypto

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About Us

Neo started on the 2nd of April, 2021 by Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Debitis corporis quam rerum facilis facere voluptatibus tempore fuga culpa consequatur, odio distinctio sequi magni quidem incidunt, ab qui. Rem, ad, quis.

Our Team

Neo started on the 2nd of April, 2021 by the Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Temporibus at eum delectus non quam facilis, provident est distinctio consequatur harum fuga, veniam autem cum alias consequuntur corporis voluptate nulla, obcaecati numquam vitae dolores culpa. Est officiis voluptate magni vitae facere.



Neo provides gamers with a platform where they can get paid to play. But we can't forget about those who aren't able play at all.Children workin mines, in the fields, in households or in factories. All childerenhave the rightto receive good education,have time to play,and to actually be a child. We at Neo feel that it's our duty to give back to the children by supporting this charity with donations, and we encourage our community to do the same.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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